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21 hours ago

Over 50 preowned iPhones in stock!!

21 hours ago

$5 off all phone cases in stock!!

21 hours ago

We are open from 9 AM to 3 PM today!!

22 hours ago

We have over 50 preowned iPhones available for sale!!!

$15 OFF
Free tempered glass
Wall charger and cord

2 days ago
AirPods to hit quarterly sales of $4B, surpassing peak iPod sales - 9to5Mac

Everyone’s got them! WE have them in stock!

And we have protective cases in stock for them!


AirPods are set up to have an amazing holiday quarter and a new research note predicts that they will soon overtake the $4 billion quarterly revenue that Apple saw at the peak of iPod in 2007. Asymco published a research note today looking into the potential quarterly revenue from Apple’s Wearable...

4 days ago
Apple Releases iOS and iPadOS 13.3 With Communication Limits for Screen Time, Safari Physical Security Key Support, and More

New Updates out for all your Apple devices
Please remember to back up your device before you do the update.


Apple today released iOS 13.3, the third major update to the iOS and iPadOS 13 operating systems. The new software updates come two weeks after the...

1 week ago

Want to charge your phone 50% in just 30 minutes??? We sold out of the first batch of these and we just got a bunch more in there only $24.99!

1 week ago
Photos from Mentor iPhone Repair's post

We just added a few more items to our five dollar table!

1 week ago
Photos from Mentor iPhone Repair's post

Stop in to check out some new accessories!

1 week ago

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