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10 hours ago

Check this out!! New from Cellhelmet is an extremely small and portable 10,000 mA power bank portable battery charger only $34.99!

1 day ago

This just came in!!

Very clean iPad six generation 32 GB to only $225!!

2 days ago
T-Mobile Experiencing Outage, Some Customers Unable to Make Calls or Send Texts


T-Mobile appears to be experiencing a significant outage, with many T-Mobile customers unable to make calls or send text messages, reports...

3 days ago

We are almost at 5,000 Likes on Facebook!
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4 days ago

I am in Las Vegas at a convention and I just found an awesome accessory I will try to get in our store!! You guys are really gonna like this one!

1 week ago


1 week ago
Photos from Mentor iPhone Repair's post

Perfect for back to school!
Screen cleaning kits only $4.99!!

2 weeks ago

Need some extra wall chargers for your iPhone, iPod, or Apple Watch? Only $9.99!

3 weeks ago

Yes!!! iPhone batteries can be replaced we do several of them every single day!!!

4 weeks ago

Good morning!! We are open from 9 AM to 3 PM today!!

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