Mobile Phone Repair

In most cases, no. All iPhones and ipods can be done while you wait in usually under 15 minutes. For iPads I prefer to have them for the majority of the day or overnight becasue they take longer to do.
No, in truth Apple doesn't make parts. Just like most products on the market, contract manufacturers make the parts and even assemble the final product. We buy OEM quality parts to use for repairs.
Usually the parts you by on Ebay and Amazon or the worst quality available. That is why they are cheap. In the long run its more affordable just to come to my shop and have us supply the parts and lablr and do it the right way.
We do not sell parts here because in almost all cases the "buddy" will install the part wrong and damage it.

Costs and Payment

NO!! I never charge a diagnostic fee! Just bring it in for us to check out?
Simple, LOW OPERATING COSTS. I don't pay high rent just to be on Mentor Ave. I don't have any employees. I do very little advertising. Most of my business is referral based. That allows me to spend more money buying the BEST QUALITY parts for you!
NO! I take VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMEX, cash and COMPANY Checks, no personal checks.

Testing and Warranties

YES! regardless of what part is being replaced I run the device through a series of functions to make sure everything works. In most cases, I catch issues that other repair shops miss or damaged when they repaired them.
Yes! We have a LIFETIME warranty on parts. Please see warranty section on this site for more information.


Yes! Please stop in so I can examine the device and I will give you a cash offer.